Fourah Bay College library continues to be available since in 1827 and it also was associated with Durham in 1876. This affiliation plan enlarged the school rules, and thus in the, new phases of development were introduced and incorporated within the improvement in the fitness of the library. Its first Board of Curators was hired along with a regular way of getting standard newspapers along with other publications were provided. Professor Richards was hired Librarian-In-Charge with Mr. T. Taylor as Library Assistant.

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Fourah bay College Library management was virtually established, and attracted valuable donations as being a special collection donated in 1881 by Rev. H. Wright who offered as Honorary Secretary for that Church Missionary Society. Later in 1917 Bishop James Manley bequeathed his quantity of 24 volumes within the Encyclopedia Britannica for that College Library.

With the The Second World War period, that’s 1939-1945, little ended about the introduction of the school Library. In individuals days the library is discovered at Mabang, and ongoing to keep a library that was initially should have been an Farming College. The School had number of teachers along with a small student population of roughly twenty students. The circumstances within the war within the 1940’s caused the library to obtain managed by student librarians. The library was generally confronted with insufficient sources within the war years. In individuals years the library minimal collections consisted mainly of theological and literary works that was found in Mount Aureol. Materials was housed in lots of structures like the student dining hall, the school Chapel, the school Bookshop, stores and Games and Sports Office.

The library facilities within the college right now created area of the greater education development programme. Probably most likely probably the most part of priority at Fourah Bay college was the introduction of Library. While using the establishment in the stable information Center, Fourah Bay College elevated to get beautiful venue for foreign funds. In 1954, carrying out a on a vacation Fulton Commission which improved the status within the college, the library was awarded a grant of $8,000 using the Carnegie Corporation of recent You can, for use to get essential reference and bibliographic materials. The British complemented this donation in 1955 obtaining a grant of £15,000 inside the Colonial Development Welfare Funds. Two-thirds of individuals donations (£10,000) were used on books and periodicals along with the rest on equipment. These grants along with other donations introduced with an faster progression of the library and created the muse in the steady development with the 60s. It had been around this critecal period the library was assigned its rightful position as being a priority affiliated college within the College of Durham.

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In 1961, the 2nd expatriate Mr. R.S. Burkett, relinquished his appointment as College Librarian as time passes of 4 along with the half years. The Following expatriate librarian, the late Mr. Michael Jollife (after whom the library remains named), was hired in 1961. He was worried about the event within the physical facilities within the library. In 1968, the school received full college status using this elevation, the library also performed leadership role in the introduction of other librarians in Sierra Leone. Inside the library itself, Mr. Jollife established the Reprographic and Micrographic sections. Inside the 1961/1962 annual report, Mr. Jollife made the decision for that provide funds underneath the British Technical Assistance Programme to get bindery equipment and Mr. W.J Askew, an british Book Binder was assigned this responsibility. He shown in Sierra Leone in August 15, 1964. In individuals days, there’s been 10, 000 (10,000) books and periodicals for binding and rebinding. Mr. S.T Browne, a Sierra Leonean builder been effective Mr. Askew after his 3 years tenure in April 1966 as Mind Book Binder. Presently, the Bindery is headed by Mr. Patrick James. Inside the finish of March, 1970, Mr. Michael Jollife resigned his publish to acquire Librarian at Royal Halloway College, London plus it was been effective getting a.C. Butler who shown in 1971. Thus, Mrs. Gladys Jusu-Sheriff was the first Sierra Leonean College Librarian after Mr. Butler left in 1972.

Fourah Bay College administration reacted with an acute inadequate library personnel because period, and implemented a course for the City and Guilds situated in london Assistant Certificate jointly organised using the college library along with the Extra-Mural Department. Insufficient the library certificate provided an evident extended-term dependence on a library course in Sierra Leone. This programme is a junior assistant’s qualification that was purely western system of library management there’s an apparent gap involving glasgow- Guilds along with the ALA. There’s necessary to institute a programme in your neighborhood to supply medium difficulty qualification to bridge the region relating to the junior clerical level staff and full professionals. This introduced regarding the response for the formation within the Institute of Library, Archive and understanding Studies in 1986 while using dynamic leadership of Mrs. Gladys Jusu-Sheriff who eventually elevated to obtain the initial director. In November 1999 the Institute was merged while using the Mass Communication unit inside the Faculty of Arts to create the Institute of Library, Information and Communication Studies (INSLICS) offering certificate, diploma, degree and postgraduate qualifications.